Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is our lovely Christmas tree. This is the FOURTH time it has fallen down. Fresh cut trees are hard to balance and a crooked stump can be blamed for the first 2 times it crashed to the floor. Three year olds can also be hard to balance and can be blamed for the 3rd AND 4th time it crashed to the floor. Now that I have decorated it 5 times I am ready to take it down. This last time Sydney suggested that we only put the lights and star back and put everything else away. Of course ornaments are broken, lights are just thrown up and only 3/4 of the even light anymore.
As for Owen, will he get anything for Christmas? We'll leave it up to the big man in red to decide.

Hours of fun...

So if anyone is wondering how I got my Christmas cards done... the answer is...the bath tub. One morning Reese was asleep, Ella took an early nap, and the boys played in the tub for around 2 hours. Everyone was happy. I just worked on all my stuff at the bathroom counter.

More adorable baby pictures

A much needed hair cut

Ella's crazy morning hair!



Being adorable with her new look.

Reese's Blessing Day

Grandma Reading made her dress. It was so pretty and even had fur trim. Okay, let's just say it she was a little snow princess.

Christmas Activities

The lights at Temple square

A Candlelight Christmas at This is the place Monument

The festival of trees


One more child with small clothes shouldn't add that much to the laundry ...right? I wash so many clothes it is crazy. Sydney is almost 7, at what age can kids to their own laundry?

So in love...

Reese is a great baby. She will have her fussy times of course. But she is my best sleeper at night yet. She will actually sleep 6 to 7 hours at night, consistently.

Cutting down the Tree

Yes, they do have Christmas tree farms in Utah. We talked about getting a permitt and cutting down a tree in the mountains, but with a new baby we decided to take the easy wasy. At the farm none of the tree's looked all that great, Sydney thought we choose the worst tree of the bunch. However, you take it home and it looks just beautiful (even Sydney agreed).

Black Friday

If you don't know, I totally am a Black Friday shopper. Of course this year was tricky with a newborn, but I did go out a little. The huge mistake was that we (My mom and sister and I) went to JoAnne's. It was crazy beyond crazy and we waited in line for over 2 hours just to get our fabric cut. I will not be going there next year and I hope someone else learns from MY mistake.

Thanksgiving (eating twice)

Reese smiled her first 'real' smile Thanksgiving morning'. I was so happy I actually got teary eyed. We all just love her so much.

One month old Reese