Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Easter Baskets

I have learned this slick little way to make bags. So far I have made myself 2 everyday totes, one for my Mom and one for my Mother-in-law, I made 4 trick or treat bags using the same pattern, and I just finished these cute Easter Baskets for my kids. It is an easy pattern and I love it. My Mom is also addicted to the pattern and I think she has made 3 versions of her own so far.
I do need to give all credits to Emily Owsley, she is the orginal 'bag maker'.

Rope and a Great Imagination

Carson loves rope and will be entertained with it for hours. He does some funny things with it. Of course I don't like the damage it does as it rubs against the corners of our walls. So he plays with his rope for a week or so and then it disappears for a while until he finds it again.

Sydney is so PROUD to announce that she lost a tooth!

Tyler couldn't wait for her to loose it and neither could Sydney. All her friends at school have been loosing teeth and she desperately wanted to join the club. As you can see Tyler pulled it out using some dental floss. The funny thing is that Sydney can't decide if she wants to put it under her pillow or not, she really wants to keep and isn't sure if giving up the tooth will be worth the money.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ella is such a good baby. Plus she has this precious strawberry blonde hair that frames her little face. She is just frowing up so fast. She can do no wrong, actually I do wish that she would keep her shoes on.

Owen [aka: Danger boy]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

more sledding


Our family loves to go sledding. The big kids can get themselves ready really quick so it's not too much work. Sydney loves speed. Carson loves sledding and will try to sneak a ride on the back of the sled up the hill. Owen likes it but doesn't mind sitting a few runs out, he would never even consider walking back up the hill. Ella is up for anything, just hold on to her and she's good. It's a lot of fun.