Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Sledding

This is for all of you that know how much our family enjoys sledding. Just in case you were concerned that March would bring actual spring weather where we live. Don't you worry about that for another minute, we have plenty of snow. We would even be willing to share some of it with our Arizona friends.

Housing Obsession

I haven't updated the blog for a while. The main reason could be my obsession with looking at homes on-line. We will be moving in 4 months, can that be right? Tyler looks too, but will usually tell me that we first need to sell our home here. He's right. I have done better lately and I try to limit my browsing time. It usually occurs late at night when all is quite and next thing I know it's really late. The good news is that I've found the perfect home...a few dozen times.

Ella's Favorite Places

Ella has her favorite places to be. 1. She loves pulling the pictures our of these picture boxes. 2. Playing by the train table. 3. Dishwasher, clean or dirty. 4. In the sink while either I get ready or while I get someone ready. 5. Under the kitchen table, we even call her our little puppy as she tried to eat the fallen food (not pictured).

Science Fair 2008

Our little scientist. For the science fair Sydney rotted some teeth. She soaked one tooth in soda pop for 30 days, one in juice for 30 days, and one in water for 30 days. If you drink a lot of pop and would like to quit, one smell of the rotten tooth is sure to ween you. Both the juice and pop teeth were so rotten and just gross beyond gross. It was a simple project and she did a great job. Sydney is not one to be pushed into doing your idea. She had the way she'd like it to go in her mind and she sticks to it. Everyone really liked and was very grossed out by her project.

Easy to Love

Owen is now 2 and a half and he really is a lot of fun. He is a big mess maker. He loves trucks and trains. He has an opinion on how he likes things and will NOT lower himself to accepting things that aren't up to his standards. Really it could be a good quality if put towards the right direction. He is just too sweet.

Indoor Soccer

That is Carson. He loves his new soccer class. Loves is an understatement. He knows the soccer talk and loves his soccer shorts. We bought him a ball and backpack just for soccer and decided he'd have to earn them. No hitting for 10 days and he could earn the ball and backpack. It took him about 3 weeks, but he earned it. It was extra hard having a sister who would egg him on and then run and tell that he hit her, once she stopped doing that he did a little better.

Ten Month Old Ella

Time goes by too fast. It seems like Ella should be 5 or 6 months old. She is as sweet as ever. She has been walking around furniture for about a month but no attempts to try it on her own. She is a speedy crawler and loves to be chased. She goes up stairs and can go down them with a lot of help. Her 8th tooth is coming in now. Ella still sucks her thumb for naps and at night. She is wild in her high chair and stands up in it all the time. She seems too young for that. Most of all she just enjoys being around everyone.