Sunday, May 18, 2008

Father and Sons Camp out

It was a cold night. These two little boys did not care. They had so much fun running around, roasting marsh mallows, and just being little boys. Us girls stayed home, got ready for our Garage Sale in the morning, ate ice cream sundae's, and watched Enchanted.

Grandma and Grandpa Reading...

While Tyler and I were looking for a house his parents so kindly came out to stay with our younger three kids. We were gone four 4 days and they survived (the kids and the Grandparents). We are so thankful that they could come, that they were willing to come, and that they still love the kids after four straight days with them.

This picture is my belated birthday celebration. We were gone over my birthday, but I came home to cake and ice cream. What more could you want?

Our House Hunting Trip

So, I would love to be posting a picture of our new house. However, we either can't make up our minds, found too many houses, or are just not supposed to buy one just yet. Short answer is that we are going to move to Herriman (we think) and try to short term rent until we both feel right about one house at the same time.
By the way, these adorable little girls are Izze (Kalli's little 18 month old girl) and our Ella. They are already best friends planning sleep overs.


These are pictures from our quick little family over nighter to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls. If you've never been to Niagra Falls it's a strange place, we've been a lot, I always want to call it Las Vegas, they are very similar with all their lights and shops, only Niagra Falls is a lot smaller. Anyway, Great Wolf Lodge is a huge indoor water park. We swam for 2 days and stayed over night one. It was really fun and the kids all LOVED it. Our room had a little kids cabin area with bunk beds that they just loved, they even had their own TV.