Sunday, August 3, 2008

A moment to brag please

Tyler passed the first step of his boards. He worked very hard and we are so proud (and releaved) that he passed.

I'm back!

I've been out of the blogging world for a while, so the following is a big update. But we are doing good. Anxiously awaiting to move into our house. We still feel like we are on a long vacation. It's nice to have family all around, our kids love being so close to the Grandparents.

Merrill Family Reunion

Who goes to a Family Reunion and only takes pictures of their own kids? Actually we do have one cousin in these pictures. We have been sent invitations to this reunion every two years and this is the first time that we've been close enough to come. It was really fun to see people plus I had no idea that Tyler was such a "cousin mingler".

Bear Lake Trip with all the girlfriends (and our kids)

This was SO MUCH FUN! I am so glad that we went. Thank you to my dear friends, it was so fun to just hang out and to remember the good times and to relate to each other's lives right now. I just love you guys.

Family Hike

Bear Lake with the Reading's

Getting to know fun places of our new home...

Catching up with old friends

These are some of Tyler's good friends from High School, college, I guess even Jr. High School too. It's so fun to see everyone and to get our kids together to play.

Happy 4th of July!

Parade, BBQ, family, swimming, and fireworks... what more can we say?


It has been a long house hunting process. We are so pleased with the results. This house is US! Everything about it just feels right. We are planning on moving in sometime in August.

Ready or not, it's time...

End of an Era

This was a sad day for Tyler. This car is a tank and required minimum care for the time that we needed it. The funny thing is that we put it on Craigslist for sale and had 20 responses in 4 hours. We sold it to a family in our ward and I hope they don't hate it for us.

This is an unimpressive picture but it was a day that we had been dreaming of for the past six years.

Summer without strawberry picking is no summer we know

This year Grandma and Grandpa Reading were able to come strawberry picking with us. They loved it. There is nothing like a cool night and a large patch of strawberries.

Last Soccer Game

Carson had to leave his team early because of our move. Grandma and Grandpa Reading were in town to see the last soccer game. It was fun and Carson gave it his all.