Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our ONE Year Old

I am fighting my urge to post all of the 59 pictures that I took throughout Ella's birthday events. Just let it be said that she was the sweetest birthday baby and we all love her so much!
For everyone who admired Ella's adorable hair clips and those who just love cute things... here is the link the where I bought them.

They are a great price and I just love them!

Ella's almost one photo shoot with Mom


Our very nice neighbor gave us this motorcycle last summer. Of course the kids LOVE it. It is fun for them but it causes too many fights this summer. Owen has discovered how much fun it is to be behind the wheel. Yet this 2 year old is far from getting his drivers license. He has run over Carson's leg, crashed into the van, and right after I took this picture he gunned it and the friend on the back fell right off. It has a short battery life and that I do like.


A little bird built this nest under our deck. We haven't seen any birds in it though. It was carefully made with twigs and mud. It was fun to look at.

Ella's First Hair Cut




Sydney minus one more tooth

Sydney and her Dad tried to wait for this tooth to fall out naturally, however, they both got impatient. This time it was more of a procedure, but the tooth came out and everyone is happy.