Thursday, November 19, 2009

Isn't preschool so cute?

Owen came home from school so proud of his necklace and his 'American' hat (I think he forgot the Native part). He has the best preschool with a teacher who really knows what works for him. He comes home with great art projects and he's full of songs and letter sounds. I love it there.

Cute girl

Ella is so full of love. She will always greet you with a hug and kiss and tell you she loves you. One night while we were putting the kids to bed she was waiting for her piggy back ride and picked up this small statue of Jesus, kissed his tiny face and said "I love you so much Jesus". Now that you think she's pure sweet, I have to tell you that she also knows and uses the word hate. She usually hates only Owen.


As I positioned the camera for this picture, Tyler told the kids (but mostly he told me) "we're only doing this once everyone so look at the light"

NYC girls trip

We had such a fun trip to New York. You can spend a lot of money fast there! I went with my Mom and Sister. Thanks Mom for having a big birthday and a reason to go. Thanks Kalli for sharing a bed with Mom.

FAll Project

Yes we did this ourselves. It's called batten board. Tyler got a new tool out of it and I got a brighter dinning room. Yes, I know our table is old and dated.

Happy Birthday to Reese

Fall Soccer


Halloween 2009


Zorro and the Cowgirl

The fortune teller

Pumpkin Patch

Las Vegas Ragnar

We had so much fun training for and running this race. Team of 12... 171 total drive sleep?...I'm addicted.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All together now...

Mom and Dad

Sydney girl

The boys [Owen and Carson]