Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Snow

Sydney just lost her second front tooth.

I just love Ella's big cheesy smile. By the way, the baby was sleeping nice and cozy in the house.

Halloween Candy Desserts

For the Family Home Evening dessert Sydney made all these creative and tasty little desserts for everyone. She even made some that Carson could have without the milk chocolate candy. We all enjoyed them and were glad to see her entertained and to have a bunch of candy gone.

My Mess Makers...


Pumpkin Baby Reese
Frankenstien Carson

Vampire Sydney

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle owen

Little Red Riding Hood Ella

Home with Reese

We love having our new baby girl in our family. Babies come just how you need them. Reese sleeps so much, it makes it easy (okay not easy, but less hard) to continue with life for my other four little ones. She is growing great and eating and pooping just like she should. I think she's happy with us. Before she was born I was really worried that she would regret coming into our crazy family. Now that she's here, I think she likes it a little crazy. She enjoys being right in the middle of it all.