Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The big number 5!

June 19th Carson turns 5. We had his party the Saturday before and it was a lot of fun! Carson had a bike party and all his friends brought their bikes. We had a big outside obstacle course (we barely beat the rain), a few inside games, cup cakes and ice cream, presents, and a pinata. It was a lot of FUN!


That cute number 3 is our CARSON!

Sydney's Recital

Sydney has long awaited this day. She was so cute in her yellow costume. She loved the stage, the make-up, the trophy, flowers from her brothers and Dad, watching her friends, and playing with in between her dances. She did a really good job, she smiled big and did a good job remembering her dances.

Homemade Popsicles

We bought this little tray to freeze juice or kool aide into Popsicle. The kids love them. I'm sure most mom's would only freeze 100% pure juice in them, we however have only tried kool aide, which is really good. The funny thing is that we had dinner with some neighbors on Fathers Day and they had bought the same trays and the same straws as we did. I guess that everybody loves Target's $1 section.

Outside Play Time

As we are counting down our time here I feel like we need to play at evey park for one last time. We have a lot of really nice parks within walking distance and we love it. It is so much fun to be able to go outside everyday and see something different.

Sydney's Bridging Ceremony

Sydney is no longer a Daisy Scout... she's a Brownie (assuming we find her a troop when we move - don't tell her that part). She has loved doing Girl Scouts and really enjoyed being her leader. The girls were all a lot of fun to work with.